Schools roundup

  • “Zero Tolerance Hurts Kids and Ruins Schools” [A. Barton Hinkle] “Teen’s military plans on hold after spending 13 days in jail” [WOIO, Ohio]
  • Who knew the visiting scholar of conservative thought would turn out to be conservative? [Boulder Daily Camera re: U. of Colorado attacks on Steven Hayward]
  • Case by case, courts take away right of taxpayers, lawmakers to regulate school spending [Steve Gunn, EAG News; earlier here, etc.]
  • Heather Mac Donald on gangs and the case for school discipline [NRO] More: Ruben Navarrette, CNN.
  • Editorial board endorses parent liability for school bullying [Newark Star-Ledger]
  • States to GAO: feds’ school lunch changes aren’t going well [Jason Bedrick, Cato; Washington Post]
  • Proposed Rhode Island law: “No Child Under 7th Grade Shall Get On or Off School Bus Without a Guardian” [Free-Range Kids] St. Louis: “Mom Arrested for Not Signing School Sign-In Book” [same]


  • Better parenting through tort law? Why didn’t Dr. Spock think of that? To think all these parents wasted their time reading parenting books, talking to their own moms and dads about parenting, and learning through trial and error, when all they needed was to be sued for their child’s misdeeds. And frankly, who better to usher in this new era of parenting than trial lawyers?

  • So no child shall get on or off a bus without a parent or guardian? Does that mean the parents are going to have to take the bus to school with their kids?


  • […] serious First Amendment issues. Now, a New Jersey judge has done the same thing by judicial construction, by allowing New Jersey school districts to drag students and their parents into lawsuits brought […]

  • “Case by case, courts take away right of taxpayers, lawmakers to regulate school spending”
    I know this topic has been going on for a while and I am speaking up a bit late…
    What about the case where the state constitution directs that public schooling will be fully funded, the legislature chooses to disregard the constitutional requirement, the voters pass (with a supermajority) a voter initiative that directs the congress to obey the state constitution, and the legislature passes their own law in response to repeal the voter initiative law?
    Is the only recourse to wait until the next election with all the pretension that entails?
    If we claim that the legislature has the power, what about the power of the people?
    If we claim that the court has the power, what about the power of the legislature?
    If you claim that the people have the power, what planet are you on?