Lunch Lady 1, First Lady 0

A House panel has voted to allow school districts to opt out temporarily from much-protested nutrition standards [Washington Post, earlier] While the Obama administration and its allies have chosen to blame Big Food for the reverse, the capital has not been short on firsthand testimony from school lunch directors about thrown-away offerings, declining student participation and other woes. [Washington Post, School Nutrition Association]

More: Nick Gillespie/Time (“if we can’t trust our schools to figure out how best to fill their students’ stomachs, why the hell are we forcing our children to attend such institutions in the first place?”), Baylen Linnekin (“She’s right. The House GOP is playing politics. They’re just not doing it as pervasively—or as deftly—as she and her colleagues are.”)


  • The idea that we need to have such a high level of national control of school lunch menus has been absurd since day one. This whole situation sounds like the old national Soviet meetings where they would sit around and complain about the poor quality of furniture production.

  • The father of my first wife collected garbage from nearby boy-scout camps in the 1960s. He fed the thrown away vegetables to his pigs. The fussiness of the boys at camp made wonderful pork.

    There are plenty of folks who care about education and school lunch programs. How can anybody be so arrogant to think that she can do better than experienced personnel. Hillery had the same character defect as first lady.