“I showed up with a restraining order”

And a Kenosha, Wis. dad says that’s what it took to get some relief from the school on his complaints that his daughter was being attacked and bullied by one of her kindergarten classmates. A school spokeswoman “said there are two sides to every story, but she couldn’t talk about specifics.” Depending on whether, e.g., health privacy laws happen to apply in the situation, it might be true as a legal proposition that she couldn’t talk about specifics. [Fox 11 Online]

One Comment

  • The upside of the school district’s position is that it isn’t a “zero tolerance” policy. According to the Fox 11 Online article:

    Brian Metzger told WISN-TV that his daughter has been threatened and attacked by her classmate at Prairie Lane Elementary School, in Pleasant Prairie. A police report says the girl was kicked in the face and had sand and rocks thrown at her.

    “She came home and said a student threatened her by saying, ‘I want to slit your throat and watch you bleed,’” Metzger said.

    Or, maybe if the classmate had pointed his finger at the girl and said “bang”, the school district would have taken action.