Of associational freedom, nary a crumb left

A discrimination-law panel in the state of Colorado has confirmed a ruling that Jack Phillips, a baker of wedding cakes, cannot turn away a gay couple’s request based on religious scruples, and further ruled, quoting the Denver Post, that he is “to submit quarterly reports for two years that show how he has worked to change discriminatory practices by altering company policies and training employees. Phillips also must disclose the names of any clients who are turned away.” [Scott Shackford; CBS Denver]


  • What are these “discrimination law panels”? As the Reason.com article points out, they are not judges, so Mr. Phillips could simply tell them to take a hike. Where would they get the legal authority to enforce anything?

  • This has nothing to do with discrimination, and everything to do with power. Give a fascist a stick, and he is sure going to use it, generally on us peasants.

  • I’ve often wondered what makes someone seek out professional artistic services from someone who despises you or your lifestyle. I would never think of going to neo-nazi cake designer or wedding photographer for my Jewish wedding. Even if the law is on my side I think I would try to find so someone different.

    I think Mr. Philips is in a lose/lose. Even if he defies his own conscience, It would not surprise if he then faces another “discrimination” lawsuit when his clients are not happy with the quality of his services.