• Don’t tell the complainant where French Fries are made. Or English Muffins.

  • My own all-time-favorite labeling dispute, from the U.K.: “Welsh Dragon” sausage contains no actual dragon.

  • Next you’ll be telling me that french fries aren’t made in France, English muffins aren’t made in England, Italian ice cream isn’t made in Italy…

  • Nor was it made of Welshmen by Dragons.

  • Whatever you do, don’t mention “sex in a pan.”

  • Turkish taffy? Cornish hen? Mexican/Spanish rice?

    Baby oil?

  • Belgian waffles? Irish stew? White Russians? Are you certain about the dragon sausage?

  • Ok folks get a grip people, this was never intended to be what many see as the only reason for a lawsuit….for monetary gain!!! This is simply to point out that these products are using underhanded marketing schemes aimed at the part of the public too ignorant to see how they might be taken advantage of!! Stop your ill-advised scorn for this and embrace it as it’s for most of your own good! Of course they are not actually attacking the literal context of the product title OR they would have attacked French Toast, fries and English muffins years ago…..LMFAO….. the point is they are allowed to market things as 0% of nothing which is always NOTHING etc, etc….. “evaporated cane juice” LOL really can you make a weaker attempt at legally saying sugar while not telling the ignorant that it is in fact SUGAR?!?! You can’t hide from such sad attempts PERIOD and don’t even try to do it without a sly smirk on your deceptive face! The class action suit is just calling them out for being so cocky as to call us all ignorant consumers and laughing in our faces!!!!

  • Now, I don’t use the term “hero” very often. But the originator of this lawsuit is the greatest hero in American history.

  • I recently learned that there are no dogs in hot dogs. Do i have a case?

  • French doesn’t refer to the country, it refers to how they are sliced. As in Frenched fries…

  • Really,

    This is simply to point out that these products are using underhanded marketing schemes aimed at the part of the public too ignorant to see how they might be taken advantage of!!

    If that is the case, then why is the lawsuit seeking money? (and lots of it.)

    When you read the actual lawsuit, you see that the claims are somewhat strained and stretched to the point of incredulity.

    This is not about the safety or labeling of a product. It is about money.

  • http://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/candce/5:2012cv02425/254910

    Basically the same deal, Chobani uses Evaoprated Cane Juice on the label and not sugar.

  • @Really,

    Your comments, if satire, are a fast piece of work.

    If not satire, they are at best half-fast.

  • Next, we’ll find out that Girl Scout cookies aren’t made with real Girl Scouts — with apologies to the Addams Family.

    It’s a shame that the guys behind the lawsuit are illiterate. Otherwise, they could have read the nutrition labels and seen how much sugar, fat, etc., is in a carton.

  • 4. Ban DHO!

  • @Really

    I find it rather funny that you admonish companies for taking advantage of the ignorant as if you were not a member of the ill-informed group yourself.

    Greek (or strained) yogurt refers to a type of yogurt in which the manufacturing process differs from what Americans have typically called yogurt. Perhaps your argument would be valid if “Greek” yogurt was the first and only product to use a location in its description–thereby misleading people. But since you can find hundreds of examples from polish sausage to swiss cheese, their lawsuit is laughably absurd (as is your defense of it).

  • Chobani has a big manufacturing plant in Idaho too.

  • It appears the same group and the same plaintiffs have also filed suit against Fage Greek Yogurt.


    The wording of the suits is very similar if not identical (except for the company specifics.)

  • Lionel Hutz: This is the most blatant case of false advertising since my suit against the movie The Neverending Story.

  • Next you’ll be telling me that I can french kiss girls who aren’t from France???