“Insurance troubles for high school bass tournament”

“Concerns about insurance requirements will keep a southwest Missouri high school team from participating in the first high school bass pro fishing tournament in June.” The insurer for the Nixa High School angling team said it had only suggested, not required, “such things as having the volunteer boaters take a Coast Guard certification course at a cost of about $400 each, and to be CPR- and first-aid trained and requiring students and boat captains to wear specific safety glasses.” [AP/Houston Chronicle; Springfield News-Leader]


  • I never knew playing a musical instrument could be so dangerous

  • I am not so sure this is a problem. The insurance company is recommending the insured take action that will minimize the risk of harm. Isn’t this what a libertarian would want? As opposed to, say, government-mandated action.

  • This story is another advertisement for universal health insurance like they have in New Zealand, where parents and schools allow children to take reasonable risks. America’s reliance on the tort system as (an unfair and wasteful) substitute for health insurance is the original cancer from whim all our other tort law abuses metastasized.