June 26 roundup

  • Court slaps “nightmare” Sacramento litigant Raj Singh with sanctions [KXTV, auto-plays, earlier]
  • Child overprotection: “I don’t think they even drink liquid soap, the gateway drug for sunscreen.” [Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids]
  • Three-fer: personal injury, qui tam lawsuits against guardrail maker coordinated by disappointed patent litigant [Insurance Journal]
  • Donald Trump hit with sanctions in lawsuit for not disclosing insurance policy [South Florida Business Journal, our Trump coverage]
  • On AirBnB and sharing services, it’s lefty economist Dean Baker (con) vs. David Henderson (pro). Go David! [EconLib] London black cabs seek level playing field with Uber. Good idea, let’s deregulate ’em both [Matthew Feeney, Cato]
  • Waffle House chairman claims attorneys committed extortion in ex-housekeeper’s sex lawsuit [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  • “Tenth Circuit Says No to ‘Death by Discovery’ in Dispute over Agreement to Arbitrate in Class Action” [Lars Fuller, Class Action Blawg on Howard v. Ferrellgas Partners LP]


  • I stayed at an AirBNB. Wouldn’t recommend it. There are definite
    problems. Bad experience for me. I didn’t choose the place, another person did and I just had to pay a share. I didn’t save any money and the experience ruined the trip. I didn’t realize I had to stay with someone in their home while they were living in it, had to eat dinner with them, etc. The access to find out where it was located was poor, and the pictures and description did not match the experience. Had a work computer, so left after one night and checked into a hotel.
    No idea what the insurance and liability was.

    I don’t think I would want my neighbor bringing strangers into their homes constantly, probably zoning / covenant issues.

    The lady was nice, making money in her home, but never again for me.

  • […] Judge declares mistrial, plans new trial date in case of allegedly faulty guardrails [Bloomberg, more, background] […]