“You could be liable for $150,000 in penalties…”

“…settle instead for $20 per song.” Rightscorp, a new for-profit copyright cop, “is now preparing technology that could flood the Internet with ‘hundreds of millions of notices’ to alleged copyright infringers.” [Joe Mullin, ArsTechnica]


  • Gentlemen,

    I am in receipt of your notice that I may be liable for large sums of money and have undertaken a search of my music files. I have taken three hours so far to conduct an examination and have discovered none.

    I bill my time at a basic $5,000 fee and $100 for every hour. My requirements for consultation are payable within the week. Please remit a check for $5,300 immediately and advise me if you wish me to continue the search, which I estimate will take approximately 300 further hours, which may be paid in advance for a 2% discount and are payable in full within 30 days of billing.

    I have already forwarded your service order to my lawyers along with a copy of this, my bill.

    I appreciate this opportunity to perform this work for you and hope that you will find my efforts satisfactory.


  • Ethics as practiced are interesting. The contractor on the Downsville dam in the 1950s asked each employee how much motor oil they needed as somehow taking fuel oil from the project was considered a right. Middle class ladies justify their pilfering from department stores by the profits made from their business. As a programmer I found client after client who thought that giving me work should be compensated to them. It was large scale theft that made Microsoft’s business plan work.