• That crazy person who videotaped it and called 9-1-1 sounds deeply evil, malicious, and psychopathic.

    Why not just do a good deed and keep an eye on the kid? Take no credit for it, just do you job invisibly and nobody will be the wiser? This is one of the highest forms of charity: Where the giver doesn’t know–and never knows–the receiver.

  • The goofy thing is–the “contributing to the delinquency of a child”—how would a 6 year old wandering off make the kid delinquent. It’s ridiculous.

    Government can be truly evil.

  • Robert,

    Years ago I was leaving a store and noticed a distraught young lady outside of her car. She had accidentally locked her doors with her child and her keys inside. She had called her husband and he was on the way.

    Since I had no urgent business at hand, I stayed with her. I made faces and spoke to her child through the window, and reassured her as she battled her guilt about what had happened.

    When her husband arrived, they both thanked me and invited me to dinner. I accepted. We had a wonderful conversation.