Not-recommended legal reform

Sanctions have a role to play in managing litigation, and are probably under-used in the American courtroom, but this would seem to go too far. Saudi Arabia: “The Ministry of Justice plans to introduce tough new legislation to penalize malicious litigants, which would include fines, prison and lashes.” [Arab News via Crossroads Arabia]


  • I am particularly in favor of the lashes. It’s quick, cheap, doesn’t tie up the judicial system, and provides entertainment in an otherwise dull courtroom.

  • I’m always pleased when we find common ground.

  • OMG. This just screams out for reality show coverage. There are a dozen different ways to build a story line around it.

  • Canvasback, yes that would be great because the sanctioned cruel infliction of suffering by government in a way we cannot imagine here is always great comedy.

  • If the lawyer has taken the case on contingency, does he get a third of the lashes?


  • @ Ron,
    Trust me; those Muslims have as much vanity as the rest of us. If they can get martyrdom on live TV it might be worth an extra virgin or two in Jannah.

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