Rush-hour traffic causes N.J. woman anxiety

She’s suing Fulton Financial, her employer, under New Jersey’s state equivalent of the ADA for its resistance to accommodating her by switching her to less stressful commuting hours [Courier-Post]


  • When DeGerolamo returned from leave in November 2012, she requested a work shift “by which she could come in after morning rush hour and leave prior to evening rush hour.”

    Come in at 10 and leave at 2?

  • I seem to remember that it is illegal to ask how a job applicant plans to get to work as the answer can show some sort of bias against the applicant.

    In this case, the employee now wants the company to care and cater to how she gets to work.

    After all, it is not as if she can’t take the bus, ride with someone, pay someone to take her to work, etc.

  • Working on the on the Night Moves – do – do da,
    Trying to get past those awkward, rush hour blues,
    Working on the on the Night Moves – do – do da
    . . .

    Possible song in there somewhere.

  • What time is the trial?