They came to stay, cont’d

It happened on AirBnB, the lodging-sharing service: “A woman rented her 600-square-foot Palm Springs, California, condo to someone for a little over a month, and now she says the guy won’t leave and is threatening to sue her.” [Business Insider, ABA Journal] For the case of the nanny who declined to leave her in-home living quarters after a falling out with the family that hired her, see this post last month. A February post raised the question of whether AirBnB visitors staying in units in San Francisco, a city with notably pro-tenant housing laws, might be able to dig in after a period much shorter than 30 days, the span that triggers tenancy status under general California law.


  • Reading the articles, I kcpt expecting to see “Plan 9 from San Francisco, written and directed by Ed Wood, opening this fall at a theatre near you.”

  • Or Don Siegel’s The Invasion of the Condo Snatchers.

  • There are times when I wish “You are in my house. I am telling you to leave. If you do not, I will shoot you.” was a viable action.