Leash laws for dogs — and sometimes humans too

“Busted for Off-Leash Dog, Man Ordered Not to Leave Southern California,” reads the headline. John Gladwin lives right next to a national park in the mountains outside Los Angeles, and has had a series of run-ins with park police after letting his Australian cattle dog, Molly, roam on both sides of the boundary. Now Gladwin “cannot leave a seven-county area, for any reason, without permission from his probation officer.” [L.A. Weekly]


  • “…cannot leave a seven-county area, for any reason, without permission from his probation officer.”

    Such a restriction has no place in the United States of America. Then again, we are talking about California…

  • Just this month the idea of breaking up California into six states has been making the news again. I would liken it to the breakup of the Soviet Union.

  • A breakup of California cannot happen voluntarily because some of the prospective States would fear being cut off from water supplies. One is put in mind of Karl A Wittfogel’s hypothesis of the “hydraulic empire,” despotism held in place by the need to control flooding and drought threats.

    Calculations might change if energy became cheap enough to make desalination a routine alternative.

  • Rusty Bill and Canvasback,

    Although I tend to agree with your apparent views of California laws and regs, I’m not sure what you think California has to do with this particular case.

    This is a federal case, not a California state case.

    The “leash laws” are federal National Park Service regulations.

    Mr. Gladwin is on federal probation, not state probation.

    No California state law or court has anything to do with the case.

  • FYI – This crazy ex GI Joe nut job was caught a numbers of times illegally running his dog in Federal Park Lands which has strict leash laws, like ALL National Parks! Even our state parks in California don’t allow dogs off leash. My leashed dogs have been attacked many times by dogs illegally run off leash. There is a reason for leashes in parks. It is called stopping dog bites(law suits) and dog poop land mines!

    Until our crazy Supreme Court says dogs are also people, than the leash laws must be followed. But, your more than welcome to run your business in the park.

    However, don’t fret, we still do have crazy power hungry Government in California, but park rangers and leash laws are not one of them. You are more than welcome to take our boot stepping Caltrans division that does not listen to local cities and counties and is bent on causing extra trouble.