• Do these states actually ban the purchase of alcohol on July 4th, or are they states in which there is a state monopoly and state employees have the day off, in which case the inability to purchase alcohol is a side effect of the holiday?

  • @Bill Poser, I have no knowledge of the other states you listed but Pennsylvania certainly owns all the liquor outlets. Tennessee just has weird laws. You can only buy beer in grocery stores (but not on Sundays). Wine and liquor are only available at package stores, but they are not state-owned as far as I’m aware ( I used to live in Nashville).

  • In Montana the state liquor stores are closed. However the grocery and “qwikee-mart” stores sell beer and wine. The casinos and bars are open so one may purchase bottles of hard liquor to go (at a bit of a mark-up over the state stores).

  • You can buy beer at 10 am to midnight on Sunday in tn liquor stores are closed on Sunday.