Governor Rick Perry loses his right to buy guns or ammo

Because the federal gun-disabilities provision in question, 18 U.S.C. § 922(n), kicks in on bare indictment for a felony, as opposed to conviction. [The Blaze] But is that constitutional? [Eugene Volokh, more; earlier on Perry indictment]


  • Golly, no prosecutor would ever use this against her political enemies, would she?

  • The Blaze article contains an error. The Blaze’s article says Governor Perry’s Concealed Handgun License is revoked, but that is not true. It can only be “suspended” (a temporary condition) for indictment of a felony, and if (when) the charges are dismissed, it will no longer be suspended. If he were to be convicted of a felony, then the CHL would be revoked (a permanent condition) and he would not be able to get another with a felony on his record.