Medical roundup

  • Doctor criticized on Science-Based Medicine blog proceeds to sue [Steve Novella, Orac]
  • “Can you imagine Google becoming a health company?” Sergey Brin: doubt it, field’s “just so heavily regulated” [Michael Cannon/Cato, David Shaywitz]
  • “One Box of Sudafed Over the Line: Florida Woman Arrested for Trying to Relieve Allergy Symptoms” [Jacob Sullum]
  • MICRA battle: survey finds OB-GYNs in Los Angeles County pay average $49,804 a year for coverage, in Long Island where there’s unlimited liability it’s $196,111 [Legal NewsLine]
  • Medical liability claims fall in Wisconsin [Althouse] And Pennsylvania [TortsProf]
  • FDA wants to look over drugmakers’ shoulders when they communicate with consumers, not an easy formula for social media [Elizabeth Nolan Brown]
  • “The reason that we are being required to measure BMI isn’t because a patient’s BMI has any meaningful clinical use … it’s that the BMI can be measured.” [White Coat]


  • Here in Illinois I can buy a box of 96 tablets of Wal-Phed (Walgreens’ house brand) on three different days in any month. My husband can do so as well. Many times we’ll go together and each of us will buy a box.

    We have to give the pharmacy personnel our drivers’ licences and they scan them for the information.

  • That BMI article is right on. I was in the Navy in the mid 80’s. I was 6′-2″ and weighed around 225 lbs. I always got the max score on my PT, but, because my neck, chest and waist measurements didn’t add up right on some chart, I was considered overweight. If you went by their chart, 80% of professional athletes were overweight.