Why one New Jersey man doesn’t fight

A successful whistleblower, he’s featured on the reality-TV show “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and one can only commend his pacific spirit, at least as regards physical combat:

I don’t fight. I think it’s stupid. I’m trained as an attorney. If I want to hurt you, I’m going to sue you. I’m going to leverage your house. I’m gonna give you three years of hell in a courtroom. I’m going to bleed you dry financially, and I’m going to humiliate you as I depose you for eight hours and make you my bitch.

[Newark Star-Ledger via Above the Law]


  • Nice of him to leave a published record in case anyone wants to accuse him of vexatiously litigating them.

  • So I guess being a trained attorney means having the legal system available for low cost to hurt those you are angry (” if I want to hurt you” is what I’m reading) with is not physical abuse of someone. Perhaps he’ll ruin your kids lives, destroy your life, but you won’t get a fat lip. I mean he won’t get a fat lip. This is as bad an attitude as the militarizing of the police.

    It is not pacifist, it is chicken.