Serial ADA plaintiff deported to Mexico

In an update on ADA filing mills more than two years ago we noted the case of Alfredo Garcia, one of the busy class of serial plaintiffs who’ve sued hundreds of California businesses demanding money for accommodations violations, often represented by attorney Morse Mehrban, a longtime Overlawyered favorite. Garcia has also been described as an “illegal immigrant and convicted felon,” and KABC Los Angeles says that after filing more than 800 lawsuits, Garcia has actually been deported:

Based on previously disclosed settlements, Eyewitness News can estimate that Garcia has collected approximately $1.2 million from business owners since he began filing lawsuits in 2007.

At the same time, Garcia applies for and receives fee waivers from the courts by claiming he is too poor to pay the court fees associated with the lawsuits. That means taxpayers pick up the tab. …

[By 2010] he’d sued more than 500 businesses, including La Casita Mexicana in Bell. The restaurant owners were able to prove that Garcia had not been at their restaurant on the dates he claimed to have been there.


  • Thank god somebody is enforcing the ADA laws. Those businesses should be closed if they are not ADA compliant. Business owners are always trying to save a buck and screw disabled people.

  • Troll much?

  • Lisa, you were being sarcastic, right?

    Once again illegal aliens undocumented workers are doing a job Americans are unwilling to do.

  • Lisa, plainly you did not read the article; this was a guy who was a serial plaintiff in lawsuits, to the point where suits were filed without him ever going into the places he’s suing! This isn’t the ADA being “enforced”, it’s being abused by people like this guy.