Staten Island photographer nabbed in “known drug location”

Ramsey Orta, whose street video of Eric Garner’s chokehold death at the hands of NYC cops became a worldwide sensation, has only days later been nabbed by that same police force on grounds of an unlawful gun infraction in what the police describe as a known drug location. “To decipher some of the police jargon, every location in New York other than St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a ‘known drug location’ as far as the police are concerned,” writes Scott Greenfield [Simple Justice]


  • As a former life long Staten Islander, contrary to the author’s criticism, there are “known drug locations” that are notorious throughout the “forgotten borough,” and even today, I, from my retirement perch in FL, could name several. Thus i do not find it strange or coincidental that the photographer, with his extensive record, was caught “in flagrante” in such a spot. To an experienced officer, it would be akin to watching a dung heap to catch a fly.

  • Consider that this person’s entire neighborhood is probably on the “drug location” list.