DoJ inspector general finds wrongdoing (then nothing happens)

FOIA findings: “Dozens of Justice Department officials, ranging from FBI special agents and prison wardens to high-level federal prosecutors, have escaped prosecution or firing in recent years despite findings of misconduct by the department’s own internal watchdog. … In at least 27 cases, the inspector general identified evidence of possible criminal wrongdoing but no one was prosecuted.” Many cases ended in oral admonishment of errant employees. While various legitimate reasons can underlie a decision not to prosecute, such as a poor prospect of securing conviction, low stakes, or unclear law, the rate at which public integrity cases have been prosecuted has dropped significantly since the previous administration. [McClatchy] More: AP, Tim Cushing/TechDirt, Scott Greenfield.


  • “Many cases ended in oral admonishment of errant employees.”

    So, something along the lines of “Joe, what you did was very bad. Now get back to work, enjoy that bonus, and look forward to your pension!”

  • You expected something different?

  • While the DoJ is finding wrongdoing in its own house, it’s telling banks to set up their own employees, probably as a distraction.


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