In Britain, shotgun control at your doorstep

From the United Kingdom [Camilla Swift, The Spectator]:

Police this week were granted the authority to carry out random, unannounced checks at the home of anyone who has a gun license. Why? They claim that shooters may be ‘vulnerable to criminal or terrorist groups’ and this is the way to tackle the ‘problem’. The new Home Office guidance assures us this won’t occur ‘at an unsocial hour unless there is a justified and specific requirement to do so.’ Some get-out clause.

More: CPSA. Perhaps, in our American Bill of Rights, there is more of a connection between the Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment than is at first apparent.

And: “Watervliet, NY Asks Pistol Permit Applicants for Facebook Passwords. Or Not.” [Robert Farago, The Truth About Guns]


  • Give it up, Britons, and just go live in the airport already. Other than having someone else to clean your washrooms (bonus!), you’ll hardly notice the diff.

  • Something that is RARELY mentioned by ANYONE is the US is the only nation on the planet that actually has free speech, free press (media), and a few other things Americans think are natural laws.

    Every other country in the world, a judge can punish you for telling the truth. Every other country in the world may claim free press, but with the exception of the electronic media which is usually tightly (and inconspicuously) controlled.

    Japan is a good example: Great country. Original constitution effectively provided by General MacArthur. TODAY, it is normal for the local police chief to drop by and “see” your home, just to be neighborly you understand. It takes serious research (or finding someone who has already done the research) but Japan, England, France, Sweden, South Korea, New Zealand, etc. are not free – – by American standards.