• The human righters seem to think that every person in Detroit has a human right to have clean, filtered water delivered at the touch of a tap to their residence.
    Well, actually, Detroiters can get their water the way most third worlders do: take a bucket down to the nearest river or lake and carry water back. You can have as much as you can carry.
    There you go – a third world solution to a first world problem.

    And come on – it is not a human rights problem, it is a payment problem. Soon enough, some bureaucrat will make it a federal problem, and my federal tax dollars will go to the Detroit municpal water system to pay for bloated salaries.

  • there are billions of gallons of totally free water in Detroit, in the Detroit River. all you have to go is go to the river bank with containers, and help yourself. you might want to do a spot of filtering and purification, of course.