New Hampshire Supreme Court restricts jury nullification law

Tending to confirm the predictions of those who hoped or feared, as the case may be, that the legal system would not actually be willing to encourage juries to take into consideration the justice of the outcome as well as the facts of the case in deciding whether to acquit. [Tuccille, our post two years ago when the law passed]


  • To quote President Jackson: The court has made it’s decision. Now let’s see them enforce it.

  • It’s sad this man’s case came down to jury nullification. Anyone looking at the evidence in a fair, logical way couldn’t possibly think there’s enough to find him guilty.

  • So, jury nullification must not be allowed because it is a decision that a law should not exist? Except, in basically every case I have ever heard of (OK, maybe excepting a few like the Scopes “Monkey Trial”), the jury did not so indicate but rather that the particular case should not have been brought/applied.