More tips for disability claimants

If collecting workers’ comp payments premised on disability from knee and other injuries, it is best not to post photos on Facebook of your exploits continuing to race your BMX bike [Kent, Wash.;]

P.S. You might face less scrutiny, per this L.A. Times account, if you’re a Los Angeles firefighter or police officer claiming injury on the job under a remarkably generous compensation scheme “that has cost taxpayers $328 million over the last five years.”

One Comment

  • I happen to work on disability claims for the Army, and while there is no such thing as “injury leave”, in some ways it’s actually worse, because a servicemember who fakes or exaggerates his ailments in most cases gets life payments from the Army and the VA, regardless of whether or not these ailments get better later on. And while theoretically the military investigates fraudulent claims, no one that I work with has ever heard of them actually doing so.