Downfall of Harry Reid, cont’d

Gordon Crovitz reminds us not to underestimate the significance of the episode in which Sen. Harry Reid, at the behest of plaintiff’s lawyers, torpedoed legislation meant to restrain the activity of patent trolls. The technology community, formerly very friendly to Democrats in its politics, began taking more seriously the danger to its interests of a Senate in which Mr. Reid enjoyed a blocking role. [Wall Street Journal]

P.S. David Bernstein at Volokh doesn’t hold back from telling us what he thinks of Sen. Reid’s constant use of the Senate floor to attack private businesspersons and citizens by name.

One Comment

  • Thanks for the Volokh link. Not only is Harry Reid an agent of corruption and economic decline (as seen in his scuttling of software patent reform); he is also a despicable human being (as seen in his Putin-esque hate campaign against the Koch brothers, something the Republicans have not done against the likes of George Soros). If the Senate’s Democratic caucus want to deserve majority status in the 2016 campaign, they will need to choose a new standard-bearer.