Morgan & Morgan: For The Overtime

The website of Morgan & Morgan, the large personal injury firm headed by politically active Orlando attorney John Morgan (“For the People”), announces the firm’s interest in handling cases alleging overtime infractions and other wage and hour violations under the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and boasts that its client recoveries in employment cases have exceeded $50 million. Not mentioned is a recent case in which Morgan & Morgan is reported to have “reached a settlement meant to resolve a former field investigator’s allegations that he was not properly paid overtime, according to [an October] filing in Florida federal court.” [Scott Flaherty, Law360] According to an article last year on the dispute, Christopher Hranek “was a field investigator for Morgan & Morgan from June 2008 until he was ‘terminated’ by mail in August 2012 while on Family Medical Leave Act leave, according to the lawsuit. He alleged that he routinely worked more than 40 hours a week and sometimes up to 70 hours weekly, using his 1999 Ford to drive to various locations in the state as the firm’s preliminary contact with injured people or potential clients, but did not receive overtime compensation.” The firm denied the allegations and said it had paid Hranek appropriately. [Jane Meinhardt, Tampa Bay Business Journal; earlier]


  • Morgan was heavily involved in the medical marijuana (Proposition 2) issue down here in the Sunshine State. Morgan was for it and had debated Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd on the issue several times.

    The amendment failed but not before Morgan was caught in a bar ranting about the Sheriff and the amendment. To say Morgan had a “few too many” may be an understatement, but his comments made for an entertaining video.

  • I suspect that Charlie Crist may have lost his race because of his association with Morgan’s bottom feeders. Although Crist truly is an empty suit, Rick Scott was truly disliked. I personally know several individuals whose vote for Rick Scott was a vote against John Morgan

  • That was one crazy race here in Florida. It looks like Scott edged Crist out in the end but for many it was more of a lose/lose choice between the two. Hopefully, we’ll get a better field of candidates next time.