“NYC Arrests, Prosecutes, Eventually Settles With Legal Knife Owner”

Aware of New York City’s penchant for prosecuting persons found in possession of knives commonly used in construction and design work, sculptor Jonathan W. “therefore chose the Spyderco UK Penknife… a non locking, slip joint folder, which should have been in the clear. But that wasn’t good enough for the NYPD (who arrested him), the DA (who charged him), or even his public defender (who recommended he plead guilty).” [The Truth About Knives] Earlier on NYC’s crazy “gravity-knife” law here and here.

One Comment

  • A non-locking blade like that is basically designed to slice the fingers of the user. Can this really be the objective of the law? J.H.C. Why are we allowing ourselves to be treated like six-year-olds? What’s the difference between a locking blade and a paring knife? Do sushi chefs need a permit? Where’s the pushback?