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I once wrote that a highly litigious society is like a civil war in very, very slow motion. Rod Dreher has similar thoughts here about how the structure of mutual trust erodes when people learn (and are taught) to find advantage in setting legal process against each other. Dreher quotes Iranian reader Mohammad:

…the USA system of justice is such an allure! It invites you to sue. One reason is that you can get money this way. The first thing I was taught in the USA (a lesson I did not learn) was to seek occasions for suing people. I was treated like trash couple of times, and I had the golden opportunity to cash in, but I decided it was totally unethical.

However, there are other reasons why litigation is so sexy in the USA. The system gives you a profoundly stupid idea about what is just and what is not, and about your entitlement to your rights.

Also mentions this site [The American Conservative]

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