“Large corporations are crushing smaller ones …”

“… because of the economy of scale they have in managing such compliance issues.” [Coyote, in a letter to the dean of the Harvard Business School taking off on the Edelman case]

One Comment

  • Believe me I’m no fan of Mr. Edelman’s emails. But it seems a far stretch to equate a single non-governmental consumer sending a couple of emails citing a law that basically says “don’t defraud people” and the regulatory compliance burden placed on small businesses. This wasn’t a governmental audit demanding months worth of records or a prop 65 shakedown of a small business. It was a customer upset because he was charged more than the restaurant’s advertised price.

    Coyote’s argument is counterproductive. If the regulatory burdens faced by small businesses really were akin to a single pissed off customer, then we’d already be living in a libertarian utopia.