Tweet-suing Chicago landlord sunk by class action

When Horizon, a large Chicago apartment building manager locked in a legal dispute with one of its tenants, chose to sue her over a disparaging tweet a few years back (more), one of the owning family’s members was quoted in the press as saying that “the suit was warranted and that Horizon is ‘a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization,'” a comment for which the company subsequently apologized. You’ll never believe what happened next

One Comment

  • who are we rooting for? The tenants who are suing over minimal violations of the law? The landlords who are jerks? The class-action lawyers who are representing the tenants, but making a bundle?

    I believe this case may well be the poster-child for this blog, which has the tag-line: “Chronicling the high cost of our legal system.”

    Bravo, Mr. Olson. You have won the blog, which is fitting since it is yours.