“Operation Choke Point Hits Ammunition Company in Maryland”

“Fox Business Network’s John Stossel interviews US Consumer Coalition’s Brian Wise and Kat O’Connor, owner of TomKat Ammunition LLC, on the Justice Department’s Operation Choke Point.” The Gaithersburg-based ammo seller was cut off from credit card processing services and suspects that the federal Choke Point program was the reason. [cross-posted from Free State Notes; earlier on Operation Choke Point].

P.S. There are signs that House Republicans may move to rein in Operation Check Point. Let’s hope so. [USA Today/Fond du Lac Reporter; HalfWheel (cigar news and reviews)]


  • With so many companies now being choked off of financial services for giving Dear Leader “negative vibes”, it looks like the volume and ecomnomy of scale is there for opening a business to specialize in servicing legitimate but politically incorrect businesses.

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  • Time for these companies to take a look at Bitcoin and Monero.