Councilman: don’t write about me without my say-so

A story from Frederick County, Maryland, where I live. I wrote it up briefly at my blog Free State Notes, and it’s making the rounds all over the web, with Eugene Volokh and Steve Hayward among the first to comment. The Frederick News-Post, whose reporter Bethany Rodgers was the target of Councilman Delauter’s threat, has a write-up as well as an editorial (read the first letter of each paragraph). More: Van Smith, Baltimore City Paper (& Ed Krayewski, Reason “Hit and Run”; Andy Knight, Community Newspaper Holdings publications).

Update: Delauter has apologized here.


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  • That kind of arrogant, pompous jerk deserves to be removed from office.

    Grounds? Abuse of power, evidence, this Facebook post

  • It’s alway heart warming to see that there are some Republicans who refuse to allow the Democrats totally corner the market on village idiots.

  • Back in the day in Vermont, when welfare was a town responsibility, it was rather a burden for very small towns so they had a tendency to elect the town drunk to the legislature, which moved the burden of his support from the town to the state. I can only assume that Maryland still has a similar system.