“Body Cameras for All: One Way to Avert Lawsuits”

“Anyone whose situation might later spark legal claims should at least think about wearing a body camera.” Among those lately adopting them: “private-sector service workers from security guards and repo men to electricians and real-estate agents.” [Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal]


  • As body cameras become ever cheaper and more reliable, they may become standard equipment for neighborhood watch volunteers who go armed (like George Zimmerman). Authorities could add an incentive by covering reasonable legal defense costs for volunteers whose body-cams are worn correctly and provide a clear understanding of what happened.

    Earlier, I was advocating the development of recording technology tied to the activation of a gun, but body-cam technology has the advantage of already existing.

  • Head mounted cameras would be a better choice than torso mounted body cameras. Someone armed with a handgun, could take an archer like sideways shooting stance so the body cam wouldn’t see what is happening, but a head cam would.