Red Bull fires nastygram at Old Ox beer

In an exchange of lawyerly snorting and turf-stomping, energy-drink maker Red Bull is claiming likelihood of confusion against tiny Virginia craft beer maker Old Ox. Won’t it be fun if the Ox wins the machismo display? [Washington Post]


  • Actually it is the brewery that fired the nastygram to Red Bull… not the other way around.

  • This is virtually identical to energy drink Monster energy drink trying to squash little Rock Art Brewery based on their “Vermonster” beer several years ago.

    If you don’t mind a link to that story:

    You might as well just change the names, as the story is the same — and likely will end the same way with an overreaching Big Bad Corp getting crushed by social media after trying to stomp on the little guy.

  • @ehud gevron

    No they didn’t

    Ten months ago, before Old Ox had created its first batch of beer, its owners received a letter from lawyers representing Red Bull GmbH, notifying them that Red Bull objected to their trademark application for the brewery name and logo, which at the time was a script design of a bull’s face. They also objected to the slogan the brewery was using, which was “No Bull Beer.”