Crime and punishment roundup


  • With regard to the prosecutor who added a confession to the defendant’s statement, is this not a crime under California law? I would think that it would fall under a statute barring falsification of official documents or forgery.

    • The document was never entered into evidence, and the prosecutor claimed it was a “joke.” One of the frightening things about the story is that the prosecutor involved is now in charge of the D.A run crime lab.

  • Ref Satanic cults, there has been an outbreak of Mad Brit Disease in the last couple of years. I was shocked at first when Oxford U press,which used to have an excellent reputation,published a book by Ross Cheit embracing kooky day care accusations that had been discredited in America. The mystery explained itself when a truthful scandal about deceased BBC host Jimmy Savile was leveraged into accusations against various political figures in Britain.
    (For a solid refutation of the Cheit book, go to and search the site for “Ross Cheit.”)