Federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee updates guidelines

571 pages of urgings from the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, so much to disagree with [Elizabeth Harrington, Washington Free Beacon (obesity “interventionists” at workplaces, initiatives to limit advertising and time spent looking at screens); Glenn Lammi; Julie Gunlock; Paul C. (“Chip”) Knappenberger, Cato (environmental impacts of food production)]

More: “Strategies are needed to encourage the U.S. population to drink water when they are thirsty.” [from the report, quoted approvingly (naturally) by NYT’s Mark Bittman, via James Taranto] And Baylen Linnekin: “Consumers can also have their say through April 8. Open your mouth before the DGAC shuts it for you.”

One Comment

  • Turner Classic Movies recently had on a long-unseen movie, King Vidor’s 1933’s The Stranger’s Return/ In the first scene, ancient Lionel Barrymore comes downstairs for breakfast to discover that the women folk have made hm a breakfast of mush at the doctor’s order. He marches into the kitchen while the women gabble, cuts himself a couple of rashers of bacon and puts them on the stove to fry, announcing “I’d rather spend two minutes doing the things I want to do than a hundred years doing the things I don’t want to do.”