“JetBlue Pilot Who Caused Flight Diversion Sues Airline for $15 Million”

“A JetBlue Airways Corp. pilot whose erratic behavior forced the diversion of a flight from New York to Las Vegas in 2012 sued the airline for $14.9 million, claiming it shouldn’t have allowed him to fly. … [Clayton] Osbon claims in his complaint that a ‘complex partial brain seizure’caused him to run down the plane’s aisle, screaming about religion and terrorist attacks before he was restrained by passengers. He said JetBlue’s failure to ground him before the flight caused him public embarrassment and the loss of his career and reputation.” [Bloomberg]


  • A “complex partial brain seizure”? Sounds legit.

    Maybe a second opinion, though. Just to be sure.

    • He was found not guilty by reason of mental defect, so his story might check out. And the airline may well be in the wrong for allowing him to fly in that condition. But I don’t think he should be able to sue for loss of his career. If other airlines don’t want to hire him, that’s their choice. Someone with a history of seizures is a rather large risk to be a pilot.

  • With a history of seizures, there is no way this ex-pilot could pass a Class II physical.