• “My name is Larry Archie, and I approved this message.”

    It appears he does understand that he won’t be able to dazzle the judge with brilliance…

  • I read somewhere that the billboard advertisement has since been removed…not sure why, but I can think of a good reason: picture yourself as a member of a jury in a trial for a serious violent crime (e.g. rape, robbery). The victim will testify.
    The defense attorney walks in, and it’s this joker from the billboard. What is the first thought that pops into your head about his client?

    In advertising himself this way, Mr. Archie has given an advantage to the prosecution.

  • This is a stupid advertisment for legal services. In all fairness though, I can imagine a whole slew of “crimes” in which one might indulge while remaining free of guilt in a philosophical or psychological sense … like buying too much cold medicine, or smoking a joint, or any one of thousands of other important and vital laws.