Likelihood of Moose confusion?

Outdoorsy Lake George, N.Y., has several local businesses with moose-related names. So “when John Carr, the owner of the local Adirondack Pub & Brewery, wanted to come up with a fun name several years ago for his home-crafted root beer, he settled on — what else? — Moose Wizz.” When he tried to register the name as a trademark, however, he drew a lawsuit from Canadian brewer Moosehead, which says the soft drink’s name and label of a grinning cartoon-like moose creates likelihood of confusion. [National Post]


  • I’ve drunk Moosehead. I can understand why people might confuse it for moose wizz.


  • Hmmmm….they’d better watch out, those pesky Canadians. They might get sued by the makers of Moose Drool, a quite tasty brown ale from Missoula, Montana.

  • Change it to “Bar Whizz”