March 25 roundup

  • Yikes: Nevada supreme court is nearly broke because it relies on traffic ticket revenue and cops are writing fewer [Las Vegas Review-Journal]
  • Forced marriage in immigrant communities happening not just in places like English Midlands, but in U.S. as well; those who assist resistant teenage girls risk “aiding delinquent minor” charges [Washington Post]
  • “Posner informs pro se litigant that the queen of England did not absolve him of need to pay taxes” [ABA Journal]
  • Panel at Federalist Society on president’s power not to enforce the law [Randy Barnett, background on panel]
  • Inside grand jury’s investigation of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane [Philadelphia Inquirer] “Referral fees paid to wife of former Pa. Supreme Court justice questioned” [Harrisburg Patriot-News]
  • Have you or a loved one been attacked by a Zebra? [Arkansas Matters] “Louisiana Man on Trial for Murder Says He Thought the Victim Was an Alligator” [People]
  • Sneaky Oregon law will divert unclaimed class action dollars to legal aid and not incidentally boost legal fees [Sen. Betsy Johnson, East Oregonian]


  • Kane’s was elected AG to do a hit job on Tom Corbett. Now that she’s done it, the powers that be (Tom Wolf) don’t want her around anymore. They are afraid that she might get ambitious and start taking them out as well.

  • Love the argument in the comments of the Posner case about if he’s left or right wing, when its plainly obvious, he’s just simply a nutter….

  • I am mystified as to why Nevada would restrict the funding of its Supreme Court to any particular source of revenue rather than the general fund. It isn’t as if it is a special purpose agency intended to be funded by user fees.