Serial complainants at the Department of Education

“Complaints of discrimination to the [Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights] have soared from 6,364 in fiscal 2009 to a record of 9,989 in the most recent fiscal year.” [Lyndsey Layton, Washington Post] Most notable sentence concerning that surging caseload: “Two individuals were responsible for filing more than 1,700 of those allegations of [education] sex discrimination.”

Related: how OCR acquires and uses financial leverage over academia [Hans Bader, CEI via Amy Alkon (“a bigger threat to innocent students is the massive financial risk colleges face if they do not swiftly expel accused students … Moreover, even when no court would award damages, OCR will. It has recently given itself the power to award monetary damages against colleges, even in situations where the Supreme Court’s Davis decision says damages would be inappropriate under the Constitution’s spending clause.”)]

One Comment

  • So these 2 individuals are making 850 complaints each, per year? What does that work out to, about one complaint per class period every day class is in session, for both semesters? Or one complaint every 10.3 hours regardless of whether there are classes?

    Who on earth makes more than one official complaint per day every day for an entire year? And there’s apparently more than one person doing this!