Update: Sixth Circuit green-lights “Raging Bitch” ale

Frederick, Md.’s Flying Dog Brewery, represented by attorney and friend of this site Alan Gura, prevails at the Sixth Circuit over Michigan effort to ban name of its “Raging Bitch” ale [Flying Dog, earlier]

One Comment

  • Although the CEO claims that bureaucrats will now be responsible for their violations of constitutional rights (including the right to print “shit” on a beer label), I fail to see how this is an affirmation of a bureaucrat’s responsibility, unless one or more is fired for this. I assume that’s why the label was shut down.

    This is another issue which is a matter about pure rights. It certainly isn’t about the quality of the beer, which, even if I had the opportunity to try it, I would not take it; even though the word “shit” is preceded by “no”.

    Anyway isn’t that false to fact? Isn’t alcohol yeast shit?