“‘Violent sleepwalking’ defense clears father in son’s death”

Duel of the expert witnesses: “The ‘violent sleepwalking’ defense worked for a man who strangled his 4-year-old and tried to kill his other two children. A jury decided unanimously that Joseph Anthony Mitchell is not guilty of murder and attempted murder after an expert witness said he was effectively unconscious at the time of his attacks four years ago.” [AP/Fayetteville, N.C. Observer]


  • Second look at Larry Archie for defense attorney?

  • The jury may have had reasonable doubt whether he wanted to kill his kids, but no sane woman who knows how to do a Google search will ever date this guy. In Europe however, courts could order Google to “forget” his past.

    • There are plenty of women who get romantically entangled with serial killers while they are in prison.

      It’s sad, but I think you significantly overestimate the percentage of women who would care even if if they knew.