“When your $1.4 billion case rests on six documents…”

“…it is essential that they are all, well, real.” [ACEDS, earlier on Moncrief Oil-Gazprom affair]

One Comment

  • This happened in Texas, so what’s the problem? The next steps for Moncrief Oil’s attorneys are to argue that the story is true even if the documents are fake; when that doesn’t work, sue the Judge, or CBS News, or Santa Claus (the identity of the defendant isn’t important, because the real reason for the suit is to call press conferences to tell “the real story.”); When the suit is dismissed, write a book with a catchy title like “The Truth”. The book tells “the real story.” It doesn’t have to be readable (and, shouldn’t be, since it isn’t supposed to be read. The title is all that is important since that will be the name of the movie); Do a movie in which all the characters on your side are extra-good looking A List actors and actresses, and characters for the other side appeared in the bar scene in the original Star Wars. After all, the name of the movie is “The Truth”; Go to the movie’s premieres in London, NYC and LA, and do meet and greets at the Cannes and Sun Dance film festivals, and life will be good.