“Woman seeks $100,000 from Portland restaurant for rude service”

“A woman dining alone on Valentine’s Day has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the Northeast Portland restaurant she tried to eat at claiming they were rude and upset her.” She is representing herself. [Oregonian]


  • The only crime here is that restaurant’s decor…

  • Self esteem on the March in Oregon.

  • So sad!

    But under what theory would she be entitled to more than the value of the meal?

    • . . . Less $18 for the two glasses of wine.

  • Sounds like she’s blaming the restaurant for her marriage.

    • More like proving why their might be issues in the marriage…

      If this isn’t mentioned in divorce proceedings (“Your honor, for the love of God, look what I have been subjected to!”) I’m not sure I want to be involved in the practice of law…

  • “She is representing herself. ”

    Of course the woman dining alone is representing herself. She couldn’t even find someone to take her out on Valentine’s day.

  • Idea: if she were to move to Paris, she could make millions. Just as many other things in the City of Light, rude has been elevated to an artform.