A Wisconsin John Doe question

If the now-infamous investigation was supposed to be so super-duper-confidential that even the targets of the dawn home raids couldn’t be allowed to talk about it, then who tipped the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ahead of time to the raid on Cindy Archer’s home? [Watchdog; earlier]


  • IANAL, but doesn’t a Congressional subpoena outrank a State gag order? Congress could provide legal cover for the victims to disclose everything.

    Congress has no authority to impeach State officials; nevertheless,a Congressional resolution that the “John Doe” prosecutors and enablers are “unfit for any office of trust or profit under the United States” would promise a nasty fight to any Democratic President inclined to nominate one of these KGB-wannabes.

    • There is one possible angle for Congress to get involved legally. According to the Article, FBI agents were involved in these John Doe raids, raids conducted entirely under state law. Congress should start asking why the FBI was involved in these raids.