• The idea behind not releasing the names of LEO’s that are arrested and or charged is not to embarrass them or have them attacked “unfairly.” I happen to agree with that principle as in today’s society, we are far too quick to judge people – any people – on their arrest or investigation rather than any conviction. (The UVA rape hoax is another proof of this.)

    Police officers should not get special treatment when arrested. While I am against such things as “perp walks” and the immediate release of mug shots, etc, the police should be subject to the same standard as the any arrested citizen. The officer should be a part of a perp walk, have his mug shot released, be surrounded by camera as he is arrested etc.

    It is the dual standard that is troubling and wrong.

  • They think the public is a bunch of mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and feed us BS and we will be happy.

  • And yet, gitarcarver, they release the names of suspects freely. I find the idea that cops with guns need more protection that ordinary citizens.


  • MattS….you missed part of the quote. It ends with:

    an if we stick our heads up they get chopped off.