Doonesbury and disrespect, cont’d

Reminder: as you lie bleeding to death on your office floor for drawing satire, Garry Trudeau will sneer at you for “punching down.” Greg Lukianoff and Patheos’s “Terry Firma” weigh in on the “Doonesbury” cartoonist’s sad contribution to the Charlie Hebdo discussion. Earlier here.


  • But isn’t Trudeau only doing what leftists so often prefer – speaking power to truth?

  • I was considering talking up a campaign to force the award committee to rescind Trudeau’s George Polk award ( or face repudiation by other journalists who do not wish to be associated with the Charlie Hebdo murderers).
    But first I looked up the eponymous George Polk on Wikipedia, and find he has a contested pedigree. Historian Richard B Frank accused him of parlaying a creditable hitch of ground support on Guadalcanal into a far more glamorous and dangerous tour as a naval pilot.
    Nevertheless, exaggerating a genuine war record is a less serious offense in a journalist than condoning the murder of other journalists.