“Mila Kunis being sued for allegedly ‘stealing’ a chicken as a child”

If you dream of being a celebrity, consider whether you really want to turn yourself into a lawsuit magnet: a woman who says she grew up in Ukraine with actress Mila Kunis claims that when they were about five years old Kunis took a beloved chicken away from her; “she could not get over the loss and became an ’emotional wreck,’ who required therapy.” [Fox]


  • Sued by Kristina Karo, whose video “Give Me Green Card” ensures that the Singing Cowboy genre will never be revived.

  • This is a pro se plaintiff in small claims court where anyone can file just about anything…

  • and frequently do, Bruce. Sadly, the small claims courts of this country rarely toss anything out at the pleadings stage, even when the defendant’s answer provides more than ample grounds to do so.

  • Since the defendant can’t be represented in small claims court, she may assume Ms. Kunis will just give her cash rather than have to appear at the small claims hearing.

  • @Richard. Sadly, your observation is the business practice of a small cottage industry here in the States. At least, that was my experience when I was working for a major US auto manufacturer.

    Now, I’m gainfully unemployed. My choice, not theirs.

  • I can’t wait for the opportunity to call someone a “Ukrainian chicken thief.” It has a certain ring to it.

  • […] Kunis has been sued for stealing a chicken when she was five and living in Ukraine […]

  • As I understand the facts, this alleged crime took place in the Ukraine approximately 27 years ago.

    Should not this, then, be litigated in the Ukraine? And if not, why should laches not apply? Any lawyers willing to comment?

    In the absence of another legal theory, I’m going to guess that this is Olson’s reason for posting it…. besides the idiocy of the claim.