Surveillance and privacy roundup


  • RE: Arkansas recording bill.

    This is one of those instances where I wish everyone could walk a mile (or even a couple of steps) in someone elses shoes.

    Police have to understand that recording their actions actually helps them and helps weed out bad cops when cameras record bad or illegal action by police.

    At the same time, people taking video have to realize how chaotic and stressful a situation with an angry crowd can be if you are a cop.

    I am reminded that experts that teach self defense always say to keep a round in the chamber because from 15 – 18 feet away, a person can rush you before you have a chance to chamber a round in a pistol. That’s 5 – 6 steps away for most people and further than most people want to film at. (For reference since tonight is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, the backboard is roughly 15 feet from the free throw line.)

    Cops should have no problems with being filmed and citizens should have no problems making sure everyone – citizens and cops – get home safely.

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